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Earth against space.  A triangle connects the GSFC VLBI sites.
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The GSFC VLBI group works closely with the external partners listed below.

Related Services and Techniques

The GSFC VLBI group contributes celestial reference frame, terrestrial reference frame
and earth orientation data to the IERS.

  • IERS: International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (external link)
These other IAG services also provide Earth science data.
  • IGS: International GNSS Service (formerly International GPS Service)
  • ILRS : International Laser Ranging Service
  • IDS : International DORIS Service (external link)

International Organizations

The following external organizations govern disciplines in which the GSFC VLBI group participates.

  • IAG: International Association of Geodesy
  • IUGG: International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
  • IAU: International Astronomical Union

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