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Welcome to the GSFC VLBI publication servers. The GSFC VLBI group maintains two publication lists --- one for papers (including proceedings papers and reports) and one for presentations (posters and talks). These lists are available through the following links.

Each link accesses a server that displays the contents of one of two databases --- papers or presentations. Each server displays items from its category for a single year or for all years in the database. The items are presented alphabetically by the first authors' last names. Each database contains items to which a GSFC VLBI group member contributed as either the first author or a co-author.

The following links can be used to browse the directories that contain paper and presentation pdf files kept for our web site:

The files are grouped by year under each directory.

Files are posted to the browsable directories through an automated process, while the databases are updated manually. So files will generally be posted to the browsable directories before they are posted to the databases. This means that the browsable directory links provide more up-to-date access to our papers and presentations. But the list links ultimately provide more complete access because they contain references to papers and presentations that are kept on other web sites (such as Springer).

For questions, comments, and bug reports about the servers, databases, or browsable directories, please contact the following people.

Browsable directories: Karen Baver
Database content: Kyla Armstrong
Server performance and functionality: Frank Gomez

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